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There is a cottage by the woods - Luna Station Quarterly

(Author interview)

Tales from the Year Between 4: Chronicles of New Albion

Tales from 1787, 1887, 1987 & 2187

A Study in Epistolary Flirtation, Alanna Quartermain & Evelyn Wilde: The Search for Starlight Falls,

Creatures of Pain and Sorrow  - all published in Tales from 1887 volume

Guest editor


To Hear Them Sing - Fireside Magazine Issue 90. Illustrated by Christina Chung

(Quick Sips review)

Confession - Dark Dispatch Issue 1

The Choice - Abyss & Apex Issue 79

Every Next Day - Translunar Travelers Lounge

(Quick Sips review)

(Maria Haskins review)

No Place Like Home - Luna Station Quarterly

(Author interview)

Stealer of Hearts - Dark Dispatch "Deadly Love"

The Prince & the Raven - Luna Station Quarterly

(Author interview)


A Flash of White - Norwich Writers "Spooks" Anthology 2019

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Writing by the Water
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